How The Machine Works

The ‘Health Machine’ is a health and fitness blog designed for people who want to make positive changes to their life.

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The ‘Machine’ is composed of various important ‘cogs’. Diet, Exercise, Motivation, Will & Persistence, Determination and Happiness.

I aim to help you implement these ‘cogs’ by giving you a variety of tools and information. You’ll be able to find new recipes, exercise and work out plans, supplement reviews, stress relief methods, and general advice with anything from weight loss to mental health support.

A bit about me…

My name is Juan Carlos Correia, I began taking an interest in health and fitness (as well as content creation and blogging) as a young man. In my teens I was seriously underweight, had an awful diet, was very depressed and generally just a big ol’ mess. What teenager isn’t? However as I went on living a really unhealthy life-style, there came a point when I had to make changes before my negativity and self-deprecation swallowed me whole. Big changes including fixing my diet, trying work out plans, using supplements, implementing a good routine, changing my negative attitude and generally taking steps towards being a healthier me. Now I’m happy, healthy, optimistic and feeling better than ever.


[Here’s me happily floating down The Amazon in Peru last year]

So here’s why I started Health Machine:

I know what it’s like to be really unhealthy, and I know it doesn’t feel good. In fact it can play on your mental well being, which makes you worse and the cycle continues on like that. Nobody wants to go down that road, but truth be told, it happens to a lot of us. I’m no body-builder, I’m not an amzing athlete; I’m just a guy like anyone else, I want to help people to make positive changes and ultimately feel better about themselves. If there’s a way that my help, advice and recommendations can do that, I’m going to do my absolute best to utilise them!

Let’s get healthy!

Taking that first step is often the hardest part (trust me, I’ve been there), but if you’re reading this you’ve already done that, which means you’re ready to implement some positive changes in your life! Good work!

Whether you want to change up your diet, lose some weight, start thinking more positively, learn some new exercises or just simply keep up with trending topics, this blog is here to guide you throughout your journey.

Not sure yet? Get in touch!

Hopefully you’ll find my articles, recipes and product reviews super helpful, but if you want to shoot a question over to me, you can email and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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