How To Keep Fit While Travelling

This article is written in painful regret and retrospect. Right now I’m sat with crooked T-rex arms which I cannot straighten, and a swollen, throbbing chest (I geniunely needed help getting my shirt on this morning), which I fear is at the point of exploding.


The reason for this punishment, as you may be wondering, is because: during my recent travels to Latin America, despite my efforts, I did not once visit a gym. I actually spent hours one morning, wandering around in Peru’s capital city, Lima, trying to find somewhere that would let me use their gym for 3 days without a membership. No dice. And so, due to this total work-out abondonment, my biceps, legs and pectorals have turned their back on me, taking bitter pleasure out of my probably-quite-funny-looking lack of mobility. I guess it’s pretty justified.


I got back in the gym last week, after 9 months of no weight training. Sure I was still very active; mountain biking, swimming, jogging, occasionally running for my life (long story), but without keeping up to pushing weights, you better believe loss of progress is real.


I’ve come back smaller, lighter, weaker and evidentally way less adapted to pushing my muscles to the limit. But I have to face the music, this is self-inflicted. So the reason for this article is as follows.


There are ways to keep up to training while you’re globe-trotting without necessarily having to find a gym in every place you park. So let’s talk about how you’re going to stay in shape without lifting weights or going to a gym. Here’s a convenient little list of body-weight exercises, provided by DAREBEE which you can do to keep your muscles engaged while you’re on the move.


DAREBEE Bodyweight exercises

I would highly recommend checking out for a bunch of useful workout tips and programs. If you’re on the move I absolutely implore you to keep your muscles engaged. Believe me, you don’t want to feel that 9 month delayed onset muscle soreness. It is NASTY.

It seems like it’d be too simple doesn’t it? That just by doing bodyweight work outs you can keep yourself from deflating, but I promise you it does work. You will retain good, solid foundation strength as well as keeping your muscles toned and well-adjusted to being stimulated. AND you’ll be keeping generally fit and healthy too.


Word to the wise: if you are just coming home from travelling and you’ve not been working out either, ease yourself in, don’t go mad on your first session back.

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