The Skinny Guy’s Guide To Gaining Weight

Part 1: The Diet Plan

Remember when everyone used to tell you, “don’t worry you’ll fill out eventually” and how your metabolism slows down as you get older?


Well, if you’re anything like me, some years of hopeful believing passed by and that just did not happen at all… Bloody ‘eck, mum.


Lets be real though, plenty of folks don’t magically gain 30 pounds on their 21st birthday. I mean that’d be a fantastic birthday present for a skinny feller, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately though for most people, you have to take matters into your own hands and actually make big changes to your diet and exercise systems in order to gain some weight or get ripped.




Technically, I mean, yes you could. But don’t.

I went through this phase of eating absolutely everything in sight in order to hit 3000 calories a day. The problem was that at the time I had thought it’d be way easier to cram bacon cheese burgers and 16 inch pizzas into my face to meet that goal. Thing is I’d actually been recommended by a doctor (oh man, get this, ) to eat a full english breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY. A freakin’ doctor told me to do that. So then what starts happening? Did I put on a bunch of muscle? Well that was the idea, but what really happened was I suddenly started getting neck fat, chubby cheeks and a porky belly. Man, my cholesterol levels must have been absolutely through the roof as well. Ew.

You see when people try dirty bulking they often don’t take into account how much useless fat makes up that dense, high calorie cheeseburger or whatever. It’s much wiser to eat nutrient-dense foods build up muscle, as opposed to packing on fat.


Well I’m going to give you a basic template for you to experiment with. This worked really well for me and I gained about 18 pounds by following this diet plan. I went from being seriously underweight, to being a healthy weight and feeling a lot better about myself. It can get boring after a few weeks so make sure you keep things interesting and change it up every couple of weeks, replacing your lean meats and vegetables.

[Here’s me before and after undertaking this ‘guide to gaining weight’]

[And yes, I do still have those shorts…]


6 Eggs (2 yolks) & Greens


175g Lean Turkey Mince & Greens


175g Lean Turkey Mince

66g Basmati Rice

100g Banana

3 Rice Cakes With Raspberry Jam


Protein Shake

2 Whole Grain Bagels

3 Rice Cakes


175g Cod & Greens

300g Potato

Before Bed

6 Eggs (2 yolks) & Greens



I know what you’re thinking; that’s a lot of eggs.

Well yes, it is a lot of eggs, but a lot of eggs means: a lot of good protein, vitamin D, vitamin A and two B-complex vitamins which your body needs to convert food into energy.

The eggs provide 26.4g of protein to be precise. Plus another 120g from your lean meat. And then an extra 32g from the fish.

That’s 178g of protein!

So depending on what extra protein you might be taking in, you should be looking at 200g or more every day.

This is how you gain the right kind of weight. Coupled with a strong work out plan, you’ll be looking and feeling very different within 6 months.




One of the added bonuses of eating meals like the turkey mince for lunch and pre-gym is that you can basically make a big batch of it and use that for a few days. Rather than having to prepare it every day. Convenient or what?


There are a few ways you can maximise the output of a diet plan similar to this. So stick your best apron on and flex your culinary muscles a little, it’s okay to have a bit of fun with your new diet plan. If it feels like a chore, you’re not doing it right! I often cook my turkey mince into a tasty chilli-con-carne, don’t be afraid to try new things to keep your diet fresh and exciting.





  • Add some colour into your diet, there’s nothing wrong with chucking more veg in!

Peppers, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and more. All of the above will make great embellishments to your meals, while providing a great source of nutrition.


  • Spice things up a little, bang in some herbs too!


There are huge health benefits to using herbs and spices in your cooking (despite what some people may tell you). Black pepper, for example will help increase the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which helps your stomach with digestion. Garlic contains potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.


  • Supplements: Get your hands on the good stuff.


It can be easy to feel drowned in the overwhelmingly large supplement market. I’ll be doing an article soon with a little more information on supplements but generally my best example is: Use a blend protein powder like ‘Pro Jym‘ which contains: whey, milk and casein protein. This essentially introduces fast, medium and slow digesting proteins into your diet which allows for an extended muscle protein synthesis period.



This is why I recommend using Pro Jym supplements. Take a look at other people’s reviews and you’ll see why.



As aforementioned above, I’ll be going into why I choose to use Pro Jym supplements in more detail in a later blog post which will be directly tied to this post.

By following this template, or one similar, you can introduce a healthy diet that is guaranteed to build muscle and start padding out that skinny-guy physique. Use this nutritional information, alongside a great workout plan and you’ll be looking great in absolutely no time. Keep a keen eye out for ways to keep your diet interesting, while still maintaining a maximum output.

Hopefully this article will be of some use to you, for any questions please feel free to contact us at

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