The Red Tea Detox: A Christmas Weight Loss & Stress Relief Plan


We all know the feeling well; for some people, this time of year can be really stressful. Work’s been a nightmare, the weather’s grim, your gym clothes have cobwebs on them, everyone’s a little out-of-pocket, and you’re feeling stressed. Well, believe it or not, this skinny fit dieters Red Tea Detox could provide some kind of resolve for the all-too-commonly asked questions:

How to lose weight? & How to reduce stress?

It’s natural to put a little bit of weight on during winter, it’s actually partly evolutionary, sort of ingrained into our DNA. The university of Exeter provided some research explaining how our biology causes us to eat more in Winter… But it’s also partly to do with how we often tend to lose motivation during the colder seasons. It’s much easier to go out and exercise when it’s sunny and bright outside, but it can often be daunting to go out for a run in the wind and the rain.

Stress can be another factor that ties in to it and believe it or not, dreary weather can be a huge catalyst when it comes to feeling down, depressed and unmotivated. So yes, it is quite a strange phenomenon but gaining some extra weight over Christmas can simple be a bi-product of a harsh winter.

Now in the past I’ve looked at skinny tea reviews and detox plans, and not exactly thought too much of them, but best selling author Liz Miller and her skinny-fit program have really tickled my fancy. Based on over a decade of research and 500 medical studies, I think The Red Tea Detox might have me sold.




A jug of red tea, garnished with mint
  • This is one of the most comprehensive detox and weight loss systems I’ve come across, all based around a remedy tea which boosts your metabolism and melts fat.
  • It gives you a recipe and walks you through the process of losing weight, guiding you every step of the way, through changes to 3 important components of your life:
  • I think the catalyst for my fondness of this particular skinny fit tea program comes from the way each componant of the system of links up well with themes I try to promote for this blog. It links up with my own values(/the machine’s ‘cogs’).


DIET – This section of the program talks you through the importance of detoxifying the body before shedding any weight and how toxins can damage your metabolism. It even gives you a detailed outlining of which energy-rich foods help you burn fat quickly.


EXERCISE – When coupled with the proper diet, the exercises given to you in The Red Tea Detox are powerful, quick and effective routines which have the potential to nearly double your weight loss results. That said, any form of persistant and determined exercise is going to intensify the results of a weight-loss program like this massively.


MINDSET – This section is all about you. Willpower, motivation, a positive mental attitude and feeling good about yourself are all important mental attributes that, when implemented into your daily life, could completely change how you feel and relieve some of that stress! I’ll be going into this kind of stuff further on this blog, but this handy booklet should see you through until then!

These three elements combined create one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use detoxification programs to date. I’ve seen a whole bunch of positive reviews, articles and videos of this program and from what I can gather, it looks like it’s quite popular amongst the masses.

If you want to test it yourself, click the link below, you’ll even be given a discounted price of $17 for a limited time!


Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or rid yourself of those cold winter blues, or perhaps you simply think this could benefit a loved one, I recommend giving it a go this festive season if you want to feel better, and dodge those winter pounds.

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